Google Suite evolved to Google Workspace

Google Recently launched Google Workspace in October of 2020 with the change of App’s logos to a common Google core Color design. Google Revamped G Suites to Google Workspace recently. G Suite was rebranded from Google Apps for your Domain in the year 2016. The same year when Google Maps APIs learn to predict the travel time. After which the image of Google apps changed in people’s minds.

Google Icons

Initially, the apps are launched individually, Gmail is the oldest web-based service introduced in 2004. This is still included in the G Suite.

After Gmail, Google Docs Pack came but it only included Docs and Sheets as a bundle in 2006. Then Google introduced Calenders in 2009 along with which G Slide came too in the same year. But to integrate all those things together common storage is needed like Microsoft used the local storage system in Office pack. So as it is a web bases application for the user the storage needed to be web-based only. So in 2012 google launched Google Drive. This was the supportive file storage and synchronization service for the other apps, this act as the central storage for a user.

Then, In 2014 Google launched Google Forms, which is now widely used for collecting surveys for Scholars, Researchers, Marketers etc. To date, there is no competitor of Google forms overall. Google meet and Chat came out in 2017, which is one of the biggest support services we have in existence which saved us in this COVID situation.

Gsuite Infographic
G Suite when it was Introduced

But before the Google Meet came into existence, google bundled Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar into a web-based productive pack called Google Suite or G Suite in 2016. Google added the feature for running android apps on Chrome OS in 2016.

Later, when G Meet is introduced as a part of G Suite. Which provided the Ability to do Remote Meetings and get connected with people and do business remotely.

So as the Pandemic hit the uses of these integrated web services rose rapidly. As more and more people shifted to ‘work from home’ mode of doing work. Google also started making changes as required by the users. Initially, the changes are small. But Google could see the opportunity as more and more people move towards working from home.

In Oct 2020, Google Introduced Google Workspace which contained a whole set of integrated apps to provide businesses with a superior connected environment as an Office Workspace. Even Google Quote in its workspace website that,

For more than a decade, we’ve been building products to help people transform the way they work. Now, work itself is transforming in unprecedented ways. For many of us, work is no longer a physical place we go to, and interactions that used to take place in person are being rapidly digitized. Office workers no longer have impromptu discussions at the coffee machine or while walking to meetings together, and instead have turned their homes into workspaces. Frontline workers, from builders on a construction site to delivery specialists keeping critical supply chains moving, are turning to their phones to help get their jobs done. While doctors treating patients and local government agencies engaging with their communities are accelerating how they can use technology to deliver their services.

So Google paid quite good attention to the change in the work environment. Like the changes, they were expecting to come just popped up as the pandemic hit Humanity. Their decade and more old creation just saved us by availing us of the connectivity we needed. Google also took a keen look towards the needs of the people and added new features and integrated all of them together.

Let’s look at what Google have in the Workspace bundle. Every Plan of Google Workspace Includes Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheet, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms and Current. It is just everything a business organisation may need. And the plan starts from $ 6 USD/Month, which every business can afford.

Google also added the right-click menu with Gmail’s New logo. Google Killed its decade-old Envelope logo of Gmail but unified Gmail, Meet and Chat while adding new features for remote collaboration for the meeting. Brought more features to Gmail so that the user can get more things in one single interface rather than moving from one interface to others.

Google Workspace also provides teams with a deeply integrated user experience, collaborate more effectively, makes workers connectivity easier. And Google is going to provide a customized solution for people and businesses.

Google also predicts that this rebuilt and revamp will better communicate their integrated and collaborative solution. Google may bring more and more collaborative ideas for google workspace soon and keep adding more to it.

Let’s see what Google does.

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