Serum Institute of India to produce Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine

Serum Institute to produce oxford vaccine for corona virus

On Thursday, Adar Poonawalla the Cheif Executive Officer of Serum Institute of India said that his company is in a move to produce 100 million doses of coronavirus developed by international biopharma company AstraZeneca and Oxford University. They are aiming to make make the production by December. Information by Bloomberg

Serum Institute may get the emergency use Authorisation if the results of the final stage trial of the vaccine move towards a positive side. SII’s will be producing 1 billion coronavirus vaccine as mentioned in the agreement with AstraZeneca.

Initially, the vaccine produced is for delivery India this year. Then in the next year, as the vaccine gets the approval in the year 2021, SII plans to distribute the vaccines to COVAX and India in a 50-50 basis.

The Indian Council of Medical Research said that he Covishield could be a realistic solution to the pandemic which is developed at SII’s Pune Laboratory keeping Oxford University and AstraZeneca as the main reference. Even Indian Council of Medical Research has provided funds for clinical trials of the prospective vaccine.

Till date, India has not yet signed a deal for vaccines of coronavirus. So till date, it’s unclear when the vaccine will be available in India. The Covishield have shown positive results in the test conducted in the USA, UK, Brazil, and South Africa. Data by the researchers and scientists show that Covishield is the most promising vaccine so far.

Yet Indian Population has to wait as The Indian Government has to sign a deal to get the vaccines. India’s coronavirus count on Friday (13 Nov 2020) is 8.7 Million and active cases of 480 thousand.

In the other hand, India has nothing to worry as it is the world largest vaccine producer. As all developer will be moving to India in a search of manufacturers for their developed vaccine. If they want to commercialise the idea and give a scale to it, India is a place where everyone has to go.

Lets see India runs a pen on a deal. And when the people gets a shot

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  • June 18, 2021 at 12:43 pm

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